Is this the Time of Your Life?! Urgent Questions for Living in the Now*

          Seems like my feed is filled with images and posts of Death and Births. Its a beautiful thing really. For every birth there is a death, and with every death there is a consecutive photo of a puppy, new born baby or marriage. Its an affirmation that life continues and there is a brilliant cycle that we are all an integral part of. And I feel its a message that we are in a critical time to wake up to the present, fully.
             It occurs to me that whatever age, or phase of life you are in… Did you know that you could literally be in or approaching the PEAK of your life-cycle? Are you aware that the best years of your life lie ahead of you and not before you?

Did you ever stop to think that there will never be a better time in your life to be the fullest expression of who you came to be than this moment? 

    Lately its hitting me that maybe we are pathological in our choice to live out of the present and spend our lives investing energy in the past or future. Have you ever noticed sometimes when you look at old photos, you think- “wow, I was so beautiful (so “young” , etc)  then, and I didn’t even know it?” I have. Many times. So, what I want say is that just maybe- who you are right now, this very second, is someone who will inspire you 5 or 10 years from now to say the same thing. So maybe we should just start thinking that “I am divine right now”. I don’t want to wait for the future, when I am “sure” that I am awesome. That moment often never arrives… Your talents, gifts and the things you’ve been working for your whole life are HERE for you to Enjoy. Keep developing and make an honest assessment of what you’ve put your life energy into. And whatever you find, its a good idea to be grateful for what you have already created for yourself now.

             Who are you? Did you ever stop to think about why you started doing whatever you did as a job? WHY did you spend countless hours devoted to becoming a Lawyer, Doctor, Musician, Carpenter, etc.? Does your original intention match what and who you are right now? If not, What can you do to move closer to that? If so, how can you take it to the next level using the resources and gifts that you have? Its never too late, and you are always on time if you wake up Now*

           Its easy. No judgement, just discernment and clarity to pull you through the darkness. As one of my favorite teachers puts it, In order to have the clearest path to where you want to be, you must FULLY accept the place you are in this Moment. Similar to finding a location on a map, we can only get accurate directions if we know exactly where we are journeying from exactly. 

          How much do you show those you love that you care for them? How happy are you for other’s joys and successes? Is your heart full of envy? If so, why?! Ask yourself the glorious questions that bring you closer to your truth and harmony with all of life. 

           If you are at a place where you feel that joy and wonder at the love in other couples, households, businesses, then you have my deeply felt congratulations... That is the biggest work you can do. You can only wish for yourself that which you wish for others. Period. There is no one out there to wish bad upon. In the end its only you and your mirror that you curse or bless. You decide. 

              I’m grateful, in love and in joy with all the gifts here and now. I wish you to have more things to be grateful for and release the weight of that which only keep you down. Who knows how quickly you’ll be flying?! And If you’re still not flying after that first process, keep letting go…the wind will take you. I’ll meet you in the sky.

Love and goodness to all~*

-Paloma Devi