Paloma Devi has been described as “The Golden Voice of the New Age”… She is a soul singer, ethnic dancer and seasoned Yogini, and she is expanding the global conscious community with her gifts of wisdom, love and devotion.

At the age of 5 she began dancing Ballet and studying the Piano. After a long battle with a childhood illness and a life saving surgery, Paloma has been studying and teaching various forms of Yoga for nearly 20 years. She has earned a Degree In World Religions, Asian Studies and Dance and a Master's degree in Theta Healing and is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher. From these outer and inner studies she has birthed Vocal Moksha Method, a synthesis of Sound Healing and Vocal Liberating Techniques to expand the voice and heal through Song. Brick by brick one removes the blocks that cover the authentic and is freed to bathe in one's greatest healer- The Human Voice. 

As a musician she's traveled as a music partner to Guruganesha Singh, founder of Spirit Voyage records and collaborator of Snatam Kaur for 12 years. She's embarked on multiple international tours- one of the most notable was 3 month journey with Deva Premal, Miten, Manose and Maneesh De Moor. Maneesh was the co-producer of her solo debut album "Let it be So" available on iTunes, YogiTunes and Spirit Voyage Records.

Though she is of Cuban Spanish descent, and Over the last decade Paloma has traveled the globe embracing many cultures as an expression of her love for humanity. Inher efforts to serve as a member of the collective consciousness, she has provided Yoga, Sacred Sounds & Dance inspiring crowds everywhere she goes. She has given hundreds of classes, workshops and concerts from Europe to Asia to Central and South America, US and Canada. She continuously devotes her energy to sharing her abilities, with the sacred intention of opening up our tribe to their divine potential.

Watch out for Upcoming Album releases with her new project,  Miami Latin Band "THE MEDICINE BOX"... Last Single YOUR MOTHER video is raising funds and awareness for Indigenous Causes dedicated to the Earth