Greetings Dear Friends, Brothers and Sisters...

I want to ask you a question. Do you RESIST the good and new into your life?

I write to you today after a magnificent adventure in Tulum, Mexico. For over a month I explored the Precious Beach, Mayan Ruins & Cenotes,which are Caves/Caverns and Sacred Water Sites the Mayans used for ceremonies. They used these for going into the underworld and also to have an experience of Rebirth. 

I experienced this very thing in Mexico... 

During my time there I witnessed miracle after miracle. I manifested a home in a beautiful ocean spot that allowed me to magnetize key people for deep healing and transformation. Not to mention lovely new friends. 

Why do I talk about this now? Because right before the flood of positive energy I got extremely nervous. Almost enough to push me straight back to my roots in Miami without giving the place a chance. I found many faults with where  I was, I felt stuck in a place of clinging to all that was expected of me back home... all the "busyness" of my reality and was not present to the magnificence that awaited my attention.

I went into a prayer because I suspected that something wonderful may happen if I let go and Trust that the Divine would only put me exactly where I needed to be. If I was meant to be in Tulum, I'd magnetize the great place to live... the healers that would help me on my journey... and also the ability to stay productive while in Mexico (which was a huge imperative).

And It was so... while there I received the finished CD from the great producer who finished my album, Maneesh de Moor, this has spawned a HUGE sequence of events that led me to create a masterfully well- done Music Video by Viejo Lobo Films and a load of other positive things were added to my reality.

This has confirmed my suspicion that there is indeed a huge conspiracy for our GOOD... there are hidden gifts in every turn (and U-turn) of our lives... Next time you get the urge to go back to the "Familiar" without giving THIS MOMENT a Full-Hearted Chance, please breathe with it and allow a new possibility. 

Our subconscious mind tends to crave more "sameness" even if that sameness isn't positive, all for the sake of keeping us comfortable. Somehow we find it easy to dwell in discomfort if that's what you are used to, but there's another way. PLUS, if you DO happen to have that Resiliency of MIND to Endure those uncomfortable moments, AWESOME. Put it to good use and take up a Challenging Yoga, Meditation or other Disciple that requires that for your growth...Maybe its an instrument? Kundalini Yoga? Much like lifting weights choosing these kinds of activities will only make the MUSCLE of YOUR MIND stronger.

This is my wish for you* To be in love with your life and find a level of newness that gives your life a Healthy form of excitement. Drama-free,  Ever-Creative & Expansive.

In love and service to the One, 

Paloma Devi

Paloma Teaches Hatha, Kundalini Yoga and specializes in  Vocal YogaThroat Chakra activating techniques collected from a life long exploration of healing and opening the voice.Paloma shares musical and esoteric traditions from the Near and Far East and West to enhance and channel creativity while uncovering the Authentic Voice. She also leads retreats around the world for the same purpose.

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