Vocal Moksha 3 Class Package

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Vocal Moksha 3 Class Package


Moksha is a Sanskrit Term for Liberation. These sessions are shared as a self healing system; we use tools from the Near and Far East & the West to unlock and open the Healing Force of one's own Voice.  

By Exploring the Sacred Sound Current as manifested through Ancient Cultures, Yogic Science, Scales and Primordial Vibrations; we open our Ears and Bodies to Sonic Bliss and Transformation. 

Sliding Scale is always offered to allow students in Need to receive this Sonic Medicine. For scholarship consideration please write a clear intention letter to us through Contact page*

It is my greatest honor to serve your process in this way. Thank you for your trust. 

Paloma Devi

$150-220 Discount for committing to 3 classes in Self Healing, Heart Opening and Vocal Expression

3 classes is the recommended number to start with to get all the tools to build a consistent home practice. Get your questions answered and Start your Ritual <3 

Clases en Inglés y Español  (por Skype o en El Estudio de Sanación en Asheville, NC)

Escríbenos a paloamdevi@gmail.com para mas información y alocar las fechas. 

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